Your Kai's Clan News Fix - 8th June 2022

Kai’s Clan won the Gold Star Product on EdgeUcating Top Ed products review.

Kai's Education is now a member of EdTech New Zealand!🙌

Kai’s Education is proud to announce we are now a member of EdTech New Zealand.

During Techweek 2022 we heard from Evo Leota-Tupou, the Director of Pacific Kids’ Learning, where she points out the importance of companies that reach out and work with lower decile schools. 

She says, “Kai’s Clan is a robotics/coding platform that supports Pacific communities and not only focuses on coding but on creative execution and storytelling.  The importance to engage with our tamariki (children) and rangitahi (young people) to identify opportunities that with engagement will enhance their lives.” 

You can listen to the whole discussion about Digital Citizenship here and around mark 42:03 is when Evo gives Ronel the shout-out.

Quick Flash school tour

We spent some time with New Zealand schools and got such a great welcome from the students.

Pomaria Primary School, New Zealand

Pomaria Primary School in New Zealand unpacked Kai’s Clan and the kids loved coding and racing each other to pick up the gripper object. A big shout out to Hayley Campbell their teacher that embraces all robotics and coding approaches in her classrooms. Special mention goes to her Code Fame Wall, which I absolutely love.

Milford School, New Zealand

How lucky are the students at Milford Primary School that can choose the spend their Fridays in the STEAM class with teacher, Morgan McKeen? Some students got introduced to Kai’s Clan and the race was on to see who can pick the gripper object up first. Another group chose to test drive the new KaiBot with its screen-free coding cards. The students loved the challenge and adventure to code KaiBot using the coding cards and seeing their sequence getting repeated on the magnetic KaiTiles.

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