Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Word on the streets and on the internet waves is that Kai’s Clan is a game-changer in classrooms around the world. Hear it straight from the mouths of the students and teachers that have used Kai’s Clan robots to plan lessons, learn to code and teach robotics.

Cross-curricular Collaboration with Kai’s Clan

Karen Binns, St George Christian School, NSW, Australia

Student Case Study with Alex Hatton

Rosebank High School, TAS, Australia

Testimonial: Lama and Manal

EduTech-Me, Middle East

Testimonial: Andrei Nasushnyi



Testimonial: Debbie Rohlmeier


Perspectives XR, Austin, Texas, USA

Case Study with Susan Bowler

Rose Bay High School, TAS, Australia

Testimonial: Alicia Verweij

Westside Elementary, Picayune, USA

Testimonial: Jaime Donally



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