[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Step 5 – Install Kai’s Eye app on the phone”][/ultimate_heading]

Kai’s Eye is an Android app that uses your smartphone’s camera to track the positions of bots and objects on the mat. This enables our x,y coordinate coding and live map view.

Even if not using the mats, Kai’s Eye is required to connect your robots to your devices. To download Kai’s Eye, simply search “Kai’s Eye” on the Google Play Store.

Once the app is running, Kai’s Eye will automatically connect to the ‘KAISCLAN’ network you set up earlier. You will need to scan a serial code to activate the app and connect to your classrooms: Use Kai’s Eye to scan the serial code below.

Note – When using Kai’s Clan for extended periods (over 1 hour), we recommend you keep Kai’s Eye plugged in and charging.

Kai's Clan Serial Code

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