[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Let’s get the Kai’s Clan network set up!”][/ultimate_heading]

The Kai’s Eye smartphone app and Kai robots automatically connect to a network with the SSID: KAISCLAN and password: kaisclan. We can set this up in multiple ways.

We recommend using mobile hotspot or USB Microuter – Ethernet Share to get up and running quickly!

Click the links below to get step by step setup guides.

Mobile Hotspot (Android or iPhone): Very quick and easy, but uses mobile data.

USB Microuter – Ethernet Share (Windows or Mac): Once set up, plug into your computer to share its connection wherever you are. Stable and able to connect many devices.

Windows 10 Hotspot: Available to Windows 10 users only, quick and easy to set up.

USB Microuter – Repeater: If you have the Wi-Fi password, this can be plugged into a wall to broadcast the KAISCLAN network independently.

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