Robots, AI and Christmas

I love Malcolm Jack’s article in the Big Issue, Are songs written by Robots the Future of Christmas?

Robots are no longer reserved for manufacturing or used for industrial purposes. How many kids will be getting a robot for Christmas this year or, how many adults will find a vacuum cleaner, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assist under the tree? Google Assist has just added 6 new voices, one of which is singer John Legend. Robots and smart technology are definitely becoming more pervasive in normal households just as much as it is entering into the music sphere as well.

In Malcolm’s article, he introduces the phenomenon of AI and robots using data obtained from ‘neural networks’ to create Christmas-themed songs. Still, nothing gets us into the festive mood quite like Mariah Carey, WHAM, and Michael Bublé crooning to us about Christmas. Like clockwork, shopping malls and radio stations belt these songs out starting from the 1st of December.

As much as we roll our eyes and bemoan about it every year, these songs always, without fail,  make us want to sing along, even though we’ve heard the same songs for the hundredth time. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Christmas songs composed by robots dethroning ‘All I want For Christmas is You’ any time soon.

So, how do you celebrate Christmas? 

Here at Kai’s Education, we have Kai’s Clan and KaiBot all celebrating the festive season by helping us put up the Christmas tree. Watch this space for the new website and more previews of KaiBot in Kainundrum.

Although our offices will be closed from 23 December till 17 December, both Bruce and I are available for demos. So if you have been too busy throughout the year and you want to see Kai’s Clan or KaiBot in Kainundrum in action, please send us an email.

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