Robo-dolphin make a big splash

Source: Sam Hodgson / San Diego Union-Tribune

There was a time when aquariums that offered spectacular shows performed by various aquatic animals and their trainers had been an eye-opening experience. However, many, like myself, know that deep down there are ethical implications in keeping dolphins and seals captive and using them to perform tricks for our entertainment.

Source: Edge Innovation

Thankfully, Li Wang and Melanie Langlotz of Edge Innovations, have come up with a game-changing idea: robot dolphins. With their heart in the right place, the idea was eventually further realised with the expertise of two animatronics specialists from San Fransisco.

The prototype already made a splash earlier this year, with its lifelike appearance, movement and behaviour that plunges it right into the uncanny valley.

It’s almost indistinguishable from the real deal as the volunteers, who took a dip with one of the prototypes, soon found out. You can say it definitely had their:

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, some are more lifelike than others, like these dolphin animatronics, or the humanoid robots working in Japanese journalism. Some lean towards the friendlier and cute approach, such as meal serving robots. We can see how robots all have their ways of making great positive impact on our lives.

Of course, who could forget our own adorable little guy, Kai!

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