Permanent setup for Kai’s Robots

Like many companies, we are all reflecting on 2020. We had to come up with different ways to reach our teachers and thanks to software like Zoom and Google Teams we held 300+ online demos and training sessions with teachers and organisations across the globe. We usually attend over 20 conferences during the year but as you all know by now these all became virtual. 

Despite not being a great believer in the Virtual Conference Space we still thought it would be good to attend a few. However, nothing beats standing in front of a teacher and seeing their lightbulb moment appear. We fues us is the enthusiasm and excitement when teachers experience Kai’s Clan. 

2020 also helped us to reflect and improve Kai’s Clan. We added loads of new features as you would have seen in our December newsletter. 2021 started on a high note when we were invited to meet with Simon Williams at Raumati Beach Technology Centre in Paraparaumu, near Wellington, New Zealand.

Simon approached us in late 2020 and wanted to implement a permanent installation in his classroom with Kai’s Clan. They interact with students on a 10-week cycle and have 800+ students come through the center per year. He needed Kai’s Clan to be an easy switch on and start coding experience. We set up both the Mars and Warehouse Mat with his Kai’s Clan classroom kit with 2 classroom codes. We found a solution to quickly switch out mats and add another Mars mat so he can combine 2 classrooms with the same mats. 

We had a busy couple of days, including a half-day workshop with their teachers on how to get started and understand the workflow using Kai’s Clan lessons. We manage to get Sarah, the Science teacher, excited and she is going to introduce her students to sensors and eventually the beginning process of using Kai on the floor with a Maze challenge. From there, the cross-over to the coding and robotics lesson will be easy and they can start working on projects immediately.

Kai’s Schools are expanding across the globe and if any other school wants to know more about Kai’s permanent installation please contact us and we will put you in touch with Simon. 


We always aim to get some feedback from schools so it warmed our hearts when Simon sent us this testimonial.

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