Multiplayer collaborative coding

Increase student engagement and make coding robots an Esport

Kai’s Clan provides a unique approach to learning to code.

Something that involves the input of more than one person. You can think of it like this, Kai’s Clan is a team sport where you have a Pitcher, a catcher etc all working together for a common goal. Kai’s Clan lesson activities are broken down into roles and are assigned to different students depending on their skill levels. A benefit of the role-based system is that not all students are at the same skill level.

Kai’s Clan is fully collaborative within the classrooms, between classrooms…We’ll be able to do the same projects via distance…that’s never been seen before. This collaboration via the internet and the cloud just doesn’t exist…

Kai’s Clan facilitates collaboration across multiple locations due to its multiplayer cloud platform. A student in a different classroom, or even in a different state or country can collaborate on a shared class activity or goal.

Kai’s Clan has a built-in classroom management system to allocate robots to students. Students can use coordinates and sensor data from other robots in their own code.

A great example of collaboration using Kai’s Clan is with the Autonomous Warehouse Mat (An Amazon Warehouse Silumation), where multiple students work together to place orders for products, put products into stock, and dispatch them. Each student takes on different roles to ensure smooth operation within the logistics distribution. 


Coding should not be just a solo activity

Let's transform how students learn to code and collaborate.

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