Kai's Clan Lesson Plans

Learning coding has never been more fun! With 3D virtual views including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and using a variety of comprehensive lesson guides, students learn more than just programming. They participate in multidisciplinary activities to improve their understanding of the science behind real world topics that are relevant to current and future world affairs.

Busy Bees

Look like a bee, feel like a bee and be like a bee! Busy bee’s is about living and surviving like a bee, from collecting pollen from a flower to saving their hive! In this chapter, our busy bees head out to seek some sweet nectar for their hive.

Mars Discovery

Take control of a rover on Mars and learn more about the red planet. Be careful, conditions can be unpredictable! The survival of your colony is dependent on your success!

Automated Warehouse

You are the warehouse supervisor for the super popular online retail shop and it is up to you to make sure orders are picked correctly and shipped to the right customers. It’s not just customer’s orders you will have to organise, inventory must be managed and moved to the correct storages.

Learning Sensors

Take the crash course on how different sensors work. The sensors are categorised into 3 main interfaces: Digital, Analogue and Serial Communications and each will have its own chapter focused on its functions.

Rescue Run

There is a bushfire in a rural setting and some local people have been isolated. You know that they’re trapped on the east of the river. Your team needs to quickly search this area. While searching you must make sure the fire is no longer a threat and environments are safe for other human rescuers to enter later, so samples and readings must be taken.

Self Driving

Before we can allow self driving cars onto the roads we need to ensure the traffic lights are setup and correctly controlled.

Learning can be fun too!

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