Kai got the Power!

Kai’s Clan robots have the same functions and can be used to make internet-connected devices right out of the box. It can be controlled whether you are across the room or across the world. As long as you have internet, the power is in your hands.

The Kai’s Clan Start Pack includes the following Kai Bits.

+ Push button
+ LED Light
+ Colour RGB Strip light
+ 9 x 9 matrix LED display
+ Potentiometer – sliding switch
+ Temperature & Humidity sensor
+ Infrared sensor and Infrared remote control

Not enough I hear you say? We currently support over 30 different types of sensors with many more coming soon.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using industry standard technologies, Kai’s Clans computer vision app is accessed by a smartphone mounted on a tripod above the mat tracks and sends robot positions to the students computer, where they see a real time view of the environment.

With built-in AI coding blocks, the Kai robots calculate and work out the shortest route to a predefined destination on the mat. If the path is blocked then the Kai robot recalculates and immediately reroutes, much like a GPS navigator.  Say goodbye to analog distance sensors or out-of-date line following.

If you want to create and make your own inventions you can with Kai’s Clan

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