International Education Day 2021

On this day we wanted to celebrate and promote the role of education and thus, the International Day of Education came into existence.

The objective of International Education Day is to focus on three main segments, which are: learning heroes, innovations, and financing. The day focuses on topics like providing quality education universally. It also highlights the role of quality and appropriate education for peace and development worldwide.

The theme for this year’s International Education Day is “Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation.”

Kai’s Clan is joining CSForAll and will be part of a discussion panel on how we impact students on a global stage, to keep students al stage, to keep students  engaged in learning. Register and join us this Thursday.

Nowadays, many schools are using either Hybrid or remote teaching and we have a seen a move with students spending more time on-screen during this pandemic. This can be effective depending on the student but when you want to teach coding/robotics with physical resources then this can be very challenging. 

First of all, students can’t touch the robots. Students are losing the importance of learning when they can’t touch, feel, or see the physical robot in front of them. With COVID we have to take extra care on cleaning the robots so it is falling in the ‘too hard basket’. Though, we believe once we have the pandemic under control then there will be a big swing back to learn more through tactile engagement. 

Secondly, many of these robots are expensive so it won’t be feasible for every student to have their own robots to use at home for distance learning. 

So while remote teaching is a great answer to the current situation we are facing, many robots cannot mitigate the aforementioned issues. 

Fortunately, Kai’s Clan is the one robot you can actually code remotely. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Furthermore, you can actually join classrooms, whether locally or globally, so students can work on projects together. 

More and more schools are buying the Classroom kit which allows them to join either the Mars Mat or a Warehouse Mat and create projects of their own. 

Schools can collaborate with other schools, and with that, we are starting the Global Chess Challenge in Fall 2021, where teams from across the world will participate. This will be chess with a difference. You will need to strategize, design and code. This is the first in the world that you can play physical chess in a virtual world.

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