Global Chess Challenge and Mars Space Mission postponed

I am sitting here writing this while Auckland, the city where I am right now, is in a stricter lockdown than the rest of New Zealand. Every country is trying to move on from this virus and learning to live with it. Some countries are opening up, others falling back into lockdown like us. Please spare a thought for our wonderful friends in Sydney, they have been in lockdown for 14 weeks now. 

Usually, I’m a very optimistic person and very positive but I wish we can just get on with our lives. Myself and my family are all vaccinated and we hope that this will give us the freedom to move around and resume travel again. 


Notwithstanding travel restrictions, with all of this happening this has led to schools implementing either blended or remote learning. We understand it is super hard to play with any of the robots or a lot of the MakerSpace resources for that matter. Hopefully, if your school has a Kais Clan Classroom kit then the teacher can at least have the robots paired in her classroom or home and students can join in and code their robots at the same time. They can also see the AR and just have fun with Kai.

Jumping off on COVID-induced difficulties, as you know,  we launched the Kais Space Mission back in August. However, because of all of these ups and downs, we have decided to postpone the Space Race till 2022.

Our second challenge is the Global Chess Challenge. We have also postponed this, however, if you have a “Create” mat you can continue to play chess with your friends or versus another school. If you want to know how to email me [email protected]

Kai’s Clan - library loan kit

Our New Zealand library kits are still available, although due to the lockdown the dates have been moved. I will check with you before we send you the loan kit. If you are in the USA and want to get the Kai’s Clan loan kit please contact Alicia. [email protected]  at EdgeUcating. They are running the Kai’s Clan library loan kits.



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