Fun facts about Kai’s Clan

Kai’s Clan is the only robot that can be coded remotely with real-time feedback and response, making it the perfect tool for hybrid learning. 


Did you know?


  1. Kai robots won’t drive off the mat. Our amazing team of developers has put in AI code to ensure robots don’t fall to the ground.
  2. Up to 4 hour battery life – One of the biggest bugbears for teachers is using robots in the classroom and then after 30-45 minutes the batteries are flat. It only takes 60 minutes to charge a Kai robot.
  3. Kai’s robots are tough & durable and made from ABS and polycarbonate (the same material as bulletproof glass). 
  4. Durable neoprene adventure mates: Our AR/VR adventure mats are made from high-quality neoprene mats designed for classroom use. It is easy to clean, durable, and folds away neatly without creasing. 
  5. Virtual worlds match the physical mats. Each of the AR/VR mats have a corresponding 3D virtual world. This includes the augmented and virtual reality assets attached to the world, plus the lesson plans that are related to each mat subject. Check them out here!
  6. No subscriptions? Kai’s Clan does not charge any subscriptions fees, once you have purchased your kit, the virtual world and lessons plans are all included.
  7. AI self-driving and x,y coordinates. Within the AI coding blocks, your Kai will drive to the destination using the shortest route, while ensuring not to drive through buildings, walls, or even Mars craters in the virtual worlds!
  8. Easy classroom Management is streamlined to make it effortless for the teachers to ensure classes run smoothly. Simply set up with your students’ names and scan a special QR code to allocate robots to them.  What if the students are learning remotely via online and have a question? Use the chat facility for real-time Q&A or access the students code page remotely and assist them. PSST, students get to play Kai Flappy while the teachers are reviewing their code.
  9. Gamified learning. So many students play games to have fun, so why not make it educational at the same time? With Kai you can join the Collectible Game and see how fast you can code your robot to pick up collectibles for health, fortune and happiness.
  10. Support for Minecraft and Tinkercad or use the ‘Build Terrain” block they can add up to 2 layers to their environment but also use the QR codes to build houses, environments or simple objects. Students love to design their own buildings and environments in Minecraft or Tinkercad, export these and voilà you have a new world.
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