From Russia with Love!

I’d like to start today’s blog post off with a big round of applause. At Kai’s Clan, we are so appreciative of teachers that continuously contribute to Kai’s community lessons with their own lessons , so everyone in the community can benefit. 

An extra big “Kai 5” to the teachers adding to the community lessons! We thank you!

You may remember the film ‘From Russia with Love’, first an Ian Fleming book in 1957, then the film that followed in 1963 and lastly, a video game in 2005. Well, Andrei Nasushnyi from Russia has shown Kai’s Clan some love by writing 2 excellent lessons. The last one, which is about Sine Waves, has caught our attention. Especially the R2D2s used to represent the sine wave on the map.

If you teach maths, physics or CS why not try extending how to code a sine wave by using Kai’s Clan? You don’t need robots to try this out and after all, you can never have enough R2D2s in your life!


To try this first hand, register a teacher account.  If you haven’t registered a teacher account you can do so by going to and access the App Log in.

Make teaching a bit more fun by adding a Spawn 3D object coding block. Below you can see our R2D2 forming the sine wave when coded.

If you want to learn a bit more you can always go to our online lessons and look at these lessons to whet your appetite.

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