Kai's Virtual Viewer

Connectivity issue

Please check you are connected to your wi-fi. If the icon is still showing the exclamation mark then please check with your IT department to ensure the following ports are whitelisted

  • Ports 443 / 80
  • app.kaisclan.ai
  • mqtts.kaisclan.ai 
  • mqtt.kaisclan.ai
  • *.kaisclan.ai

ou have to download the Kai’s Virtual Viewer separately and open it up in a separate tab. This way you will also be able to use it with the augmented reality.

In the browser you see the 3D virtual viewer. If you want to use  AR or VR then you need to download the Kai’s Viewer app from the App Store

Kai's Eye Robot Tracker App

  • Any phone from Android 6 and later can be used to download the Kai’s Robot Tracker

Any phone with IOS 12 and later can be used to download the Kai’s Robot Tracker

Yes, you can, as long as you have a tripod with an adapter to support the iPad.

If you have Wi-Fi available in the classroom then you can use that, if you want to use mobile data you can. Kai’s Eye uses about 10MB per hr of contant usage. 

Because Kai’s Eye is using the camera to see the physical mat we recommend keeping your phone plugged/charged while using Kai’s Clan.

The Kais Cloud icon in the top right corner shows a white icon, if it is red it cannot connect to Kai’s Cloud services, get in touch with your IT department or Kai’s Clan Support team.

  • Choose HOME in your Kais Eye app, switch the robot on (robot eyes are white and gripper bars will open), and place your phone on top of the robot’s roof-rack.
  • Ensure the unique QR codes are attached to each robot.
  • Wait for the coloured lights to appear on the phone screen. 
  • Check each robot and allocate the associate number and colour lights of each robot to the lights on the phone.
  • When using an IOS phone then use the scroll bar on the little robot to select your robot number, then save.
  • Gripper bars will close once paired.
  • You only need to pair the robots once
  • If you use a new device/phone then you need to scan the robots to that device


  1. How do I use the QR SCAN icon?
  • Once you start Kai’s Eye you will need to scan the serial number
  • Serial number in on the outside of each box, but also on the user manual
  • Serial code can be used multiple times
  • You also need to scan your Classroom code when you set up a classroom or if you change classrooms
  • The Classroom code can be seen on your computer/iPad once you have registered and logged in as a teacher
  • You will see your classroom code at the top of the screen.

We use computer vision to identify each QR code on the amt and on each robot or 3D object.

  • You will see 8/8 QR codes are identified and highlighted
  • The overlay screen disappears and the mat is visible in a 16:9 format (full screen)
  • If the tracking is lost then a beep can be heard on the phone
  • If you have bright light or low light then you can also adjust the contract on the phone
  • You have lost track on the mat
  • This may be because:
    • Someone bumped the camera
    • Someone walked in front of the camera
    • Something is blocking the QR codes
  • The best is to place the tripod and phone against a wall so it does not get bumped
  • Maybe have a 20-30 cm away from the mat at a 120-degree angle towards the mat
  • Keep the tripod as a close to the mat BUT ensure you can still see the whole mat, including the QR codes
  • This will show you the latest version of the software, ensure you get the regular updates
  • 1. Camera resolution – 720 P default
  • 2. Enabled – allows for auto-focus on your phone, default
  • 4. Close – if you place the phone on the robot for pairing then use close
  • 5. Disabled – only to enable when you attach the BBC:MICROBIT sensor to the robot
  • 6. Disabled – when you want to share mats between classrooms then you will enable this function. Remember to turn off if you are using 1 classroom
  • 7. Update – this is to update the firmware of the robot. A red arrow will appear on the HOME screen when the robot is paired. Follow how to update firmware here (Judy add both links for Android and IOS here please)
  • 8. Reset – default settings, do not reset, will reset to factory settings

What to know about Kai’s Robots.​

Yes, this was only to protect the battery in transit

Each robot should have a unique QR code for Kai’s Eye to track and for your to be able to code the robot

  • Yes, please use the 4:1 charging cable to come in the box.
  • Please connect the USB to a wall socket and not on your computer. Your computer only gives you 1 amp and a wall socket is 2 amps, so the robots will take 1 hour to charge from the wall.
  • Ensure the robot is switched off when you are charging the robot.
  • Once you have plugged the cables into the back of the robots then the green lights will flash. After a full charge lights change to purple and the robots start beeping. Your robots are now fully charged and you will get 3-4 hour playtime.
  • When fully charge all 4 green lights will show up on the back of the robot.
  • You can also see the status of the battery on your map view on your computer when you select a specific robot.

Please check the wheel rubber is on the grey plastic hub correctly, sometimes they come slightly off the tyre frame, so just adjust. Quick check: code robot to move forward 20 cm, check if it moves in a straight line.

Possibly the robots have been pushed hard on the ground and the lego wheel adapter has cracked. In your spares, you have spares of these, but they are tricky to replace and need brute force to remove the old one.

The easiest option is to ignore above and remove a small plastic spacer off each motor shaft. Just don’t push the wheels on all the way onto the shaft as they might rub against the chassis.  If you notice the robots turning when they should be going in a straight line, just slightly pull the wheel away from the chassis.

Go to your robot manager and de-select the last sensor (red circle) and re-activate


  • Kai’s robots are very durable with strong re-enforced plastic glass.
  • Maybe 🙂
  • Sometimes you will lose wifi signal in your classroom and that will force the robot offline. However if it’s momentarily then it should come back online by itself.
  • If the battery goes flat the robot will switch off
  • If the robot is not paired properly then it won’t show up either.
  • Check if Kai’s Eye is on Robot Tracker.
  • Is the robot on the mat or on your table? If it’s on the table it will show at the bottom of your map.
  • Is the robot paired correctly and battery charged?
  • Ensure no QR markers are blocking Kai’s Eye view.

A tricky tripod

  • There is a twist and lock on the tripod.
  • Open the bottom legs and lock. Then hold the tripod and twist and pull out. There are 5 struts on the tripod. Depending on your phone you can be as low as 3 struts as long as you can see the whole mat.
  • Screw-in the adaptor and place the tripod in a safe area, so kids won’t bump it over.


  1. Can I use my own tripod and adaptor?
  • Yes you can as long as you can see the whole mat
  • You can use an iPad mini but need a stronger tripod and different adaptor.

It is best to place the tripod with Kai’s Eye robot tracker phone  against a wall and close to a power source, so the tripod stays out the way of students moving around and also so the phone can remain powered during use. Like a regular camera the main lightsource should be behind the camera/phone.

Mats and lighting

  • If the QR codes are too bright then Kai’s Eye will lose track of those QR codes.
  • Make sure all the QR codes are visible and the mat is flat on the ground.

Always have the logo side of the mat facing student as that is the mats south side and when students are coding, this will be easier for them to orientate their virtual map view to the phyiscal mat.

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