Distance learning: the good and the bad

We have been forced into lockdown over the last 5 months and schools had to adapt really fast on how to teach students online and via Zoom. Some students found this very good but speaking from personal experience it presented some challenges. If you have a child that needs social interaction or be able to ask the teacher then and there if they get stuck, then distance learning can be a problem.

My daughter certainly did not perform as she would have, had she been physically sitting in the classroom. She observed that it was hard to stay focused when learning on your own and she kept getting distracted by the cat, feeling hungry and it was so much more tempting to go and play on her phone. 

So for me, I think a structured learning environment is better, but I understand each child is different. Anyway, I think teachers have done an amazing job transitioning over to online learning as well as staying in touch with students and preparing for when they have to move back into the classroom. Fortunately here in New Zealand, our precious bundles have all gone back to school.

Kudos to all teachers! Let’s give them a big round of applause!

Here is a testimonial from a teacher in Tasmania that believes Kai’s Clan to be a unique resource to be used during distance learning.

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