First off, we would like to congratulate Andrei Nasushnyi, a great STEAM ambassador for Kai’s Clan, who has just been named by Ozobot as August’s Educator of the month. Well done! Andrei Nasushnyi is an enthusiastic and motivated English and STEM teacher in Primorsky Krai of the Far East of Russia. We are so excited to feature him as our Educator of the Month for August because we are so inspired by his humility and use of Ozobots to teach the English language, all while implementing CS.’, writes the article.

“I believe in never-ending learning and educational empowerment. My core motivation and passions are grounded in the will to scale my expertise and to become an educational influencer.”

Maths is such an integral part of our lives. No matter if you are a statistician or an accountant, or if Timmy has 5 eggs in one basket and 8 in the other, how many eggs does Timmy have in total, we all use some form of mathematics. That is why we continue to introduce new lessons relating to the M in STEM! In Kai’s Clan projects, you will find the lesson under the Community projects.


The objective of the lesson is to create a program representing the linear function; the code visually and dynamically expresses the behaviour of the function in the robot’s motion.

What Students will achieve

During the lesson, students will cover basic programming blocks of the language;

  • will apply knowledge of mathematics and reinforce the usage of variables;
  • will study the mathematical and algebraic aspects of the linear function, and will translate its relation into a functioning program;
  • will consider some of the algebraic concepts necessary for solving programming problems;
  • will determine the properties of the slope-intercept equation;
  • will practice in transforming the graph of the linear function, taking into account the features of constructing a graph in the conditions of practical implementation through the robotics equipment.

We would love some feedback and hear from any other teachers that are interested in sharing their lesson plans with our Community. Please get in touch with [email protected]

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