Checkmate with Kai!

I grew up in a home where knowledge was a key factor. My dad always said that the only thing that can’t be taken away from you is ‘knowledge’. So when I was small I got taught how to play chess and it was always after a busy sports day or when I was hyped up. Not only did it force me to sit down quietly, calm down and breathe, but it also helped me focus on what was in front of me.

Kai’s Clan has now introduced chess on their ‘Create Mat’. Students can now play chess on a physical mat (8×8 squares) and also experience their chess pieces come to life in a virtual world. 

A unique feature is that it doesn’t matter where you are. With Kai’s Clan, you can be all sitting around and playing on one mat, or you can be on 2 different chess boards/mats versing your friends in the next room or you can challenge another school anywhere in the world. Usually, chess is a two-player game, but with Kai’s Clan you can collaborate and all play chess together. You can create a project and actually code your chess pieces, so add animations, effects, sound, speech bubbles. You can go further and design your own avatar chess pieces. So apart from teaching maths and coding, we unlock the child’s creativity. 

To learn more about Kais’ Clan chess game contact me for a demo.

History of Chess

Chess was invented more than 1500 years ago in India. Legend has it that the ruler of India asked his wise men to devise a way to teach the children of the royal family to become better thinkers and better generals on the battlefield. Chess was the result. In the centuries since its invention, chess has spread to every country in the world. While countless other games have died out, chess lives on. In the United States, it has received endorsements by many educators, ranging from Benjamin Franklin to former U.S. Secretary of Education, Terrell Bell. 

There are about 800 million chess players in the world but only 1500 grandmasters.

Thousands of schools worldwide are now teaching chess in the classroom. Chess is an indiscriminate and effective teaching tool that challenges the minds of girls and boys alike, whether you are rich or poor, average or academically gifted. It can also build confidence and self-esteem without overinflating egos, as some losses are inevitable, even for world champions.  

Perhaps most importantly chess is a fun way to teach children how to think and solve an ever-changing and diverse array of difficult problems.

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