Happy Holiday!

Happy Holiday! How much holiday do teachers get? Most teachers get 13 weeks of annual leave, however, their pay is not calculated pro-rata, nor is it stretched across the year; they are getting paid all year round. Because of this, some people may feel that teachers have way too much holiday. What do you think?  …

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Finding the balance

Pensive thoughts on individuality… We are all different and we celebrate being different. However, at the same time, we also like putting labels on people. I’m a tall woman, so often people will ask “How tall are you?” as if that is the only quantifier to my being. Similarly, I played competitive netball when I …

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The Ultimate Battle!

Global STEAM Collaboration Meets Chess Kai’s Clan, in collaboration with EDGEucating, Heidi Williams, MS Robotics, and RoboNation are taking part in the organization of a brand new competition launching in the fall of 2021!  We are excited to tell you about the 2021-2022 Global Chess Challenge! Join us for the world’s FIRST-EVER physical and virtual …

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From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love! I’d like to start today’s blog post off with a big round of applause. At Kai’s Clan, we are so appreciative of teachers that continuously contribute to Kai’s community lessons with their own lessons , so everyone in the community can benefit.  An extra big “Kai 5” to the teachers adding to the …

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