This weeks news from Kai’s Clan - Case study coming from Malaysia


Cassandra and Evon are 2 passionate young ladies from EdEvolution, who are dedicated to teaching coding to students. Last weekend saw them launch several popular sessions with students, where they used Kai’s Clan to learn how to code. These sessions using Kai’s Clan proved to be quite effective and fun. That is why EdEvolution will also be offering training sessions for teachers, so that they can learn how to successfully implement the same activities using Kai’s Clan in their own classroom.

You can take a sneak-peek at what the virtual coding workshop was like down below.


EdEvolution had a specific outcome and that was to use the AR/VR Rescue Run activity mat to engage students in learning how to code with Kai’s Clan.

Their lesson plan will be up on our community page very soon, so if you have a Rescue Run mat, go ahead and try out the lesson. Send us some photos and we can share them amongst our community.

Here is a short video with some of the kids busy coding.

Evon also quoted “The workshop was a great success and the kids were really engaged and excited. They even stayed back  longer just to explore Kai’s Clan and speak to us.” 

Cas and Evon have also been busy making their own Kai’s Clan videos in their own native language, Malay and English. You can see more videos here.

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