Brand Ambassadors

Being a Kai’s Clan Brand Ambassador means sharing the same excitement and passion as us to teach children the importance of collaboration and coding. 

Because of their expertise with Kai’s Clan, Brand Ambassadors are individuals who are familiar Kai’s Clan products and lesson plans. The Brand Ambassador understands how to incorporate Kai’s Clan into cross-curricular subjects in innovative ways that make Kai’s Clan shine. They are the ones that other educators will turn to for their knowledge and to improve their quality of teaching.

Who can become a Brand Ambassador?



Educational trainers and consultants

Curriculum specialists

What are the requirements?

When you become Kai’s Clan Brand Ambassador you become one of our most trusted voices of authority and we are confident that you can help us take Kai’s Clan to new heights.

We look forward to having you join us in our mission in providing kids a better learning opportunity.

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