STEAM-powered learning

A lot more content has become available online as we all grapple with the lockdown, especially so in the education sector. At the same time, parents are also feeling more positive about their children’s’ screen-time. They can see the value in online learning as kids are spending more time on Zoom, education TV channels, Minecraft …

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The future for classrooms

From my last blog post, we were happy to be COVID free for 102 days. Unfortunately, this nasty beast has shown its face again. Although in small numbers, our government jumped quickly into action and Auckland, where we are based, went straight into Level 3 lockdown. Schools were closed immediately but fortunately,  we’ve learnt from …

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Checkmate with Kai!

I grew up in a home where knowledge was a key factor. My dad always said that the only thing that can’t be taken away from you is ‘knowledge’. So when I was small I got taught how to play chess and it was always after a busy sports day or when I was hyped …

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Robo-dolphin make a big splash

There was a time when aquariums that offered spectacular shows performed by various aquatic animals and their trainers had been an eye-opening experience. However, many, like myself, know that deep down there are ethical implications in keeping dolphins and seals captive and using them to perform tricks for our entertainment. Thankfully, Li Wang and Melanie …

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A Study in Scarlett

Depending on what sphere you’re in, you may or may not have heard of Scarlett, who has competed in over 178 tournaments and has gone as far as earning $332,066.27 from her winnings. What sports tournament is it you ask? Well, this is probably going to give ammo to your children the next time you …

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