Multipurpose & Durable


Every educator knows that when they purchase STEAM products, they want them to be tough and durable; something that can withstand the high traffic and activity that comes with working in the classroom.

At Kai’s Clan we have conducted extensive testing to find the material best suited for use in a classroom. We’ve experimented with multiple types of material and the one that stood out on top as a star player was Neoprene. This is what wetsuits are made from. It’s safe, flexible, doesn’t crease, waterproof and washable.

QR markers

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Classroom and

student proof mats

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You’ll notice that on the outside border of the mat are QR markers, this is what the Kai’s Eye computer vision app uses to track the robots’ coordinates and allows robots to navigate the mat using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Each of the available AR VR Adventure mats have matching themed 3D virtual layers, where students code and then can immerse themselves in 3D worlds.

Automated Warehouse AR VR Mat

Mars Discovery AR VR Mat

Smart City AR VR Mat

Rescue Run AR VR Mat

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