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Since I (baby boomer) started playing netball when I was 5 years old in South Africa I always had a competitive streak in me. However that only meant I practised harder. I remember in high school I started shooting 100 goals a day and at University I challenged myself to shoot 100 goals in a row or I will have to start from scratch. I worked hard and strived to at least be good at what I’m doing, if not being a winner. After I had my lovely daughter (Gen Z) and had sent her to school I learned that teachers were talking about participation and not about winning. So when did this all change?

How do we engage Gen Z and keep their attention?

1. Gen Z is Tech-Savvy

It is no surprise that Gen Z is more tech-savvy than any other generation. Gen Z grew up watching media conglomerates build online platforms and create social media tools that are an integral part of their day-to-day living and choices they make.

2. Gen Z is risk-averse

Gen Z is significantly more risk-averse than previous generations, likely stemming from growing up during a period of economic uncertainty and unrest.

3. Gen Z is independent

Gen Z is accustomed to thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and rather be googling for more information than asking for advice. They want a balanced lifestyle but flexible to meet their needs.

4. Gen Z is competitive

They are willing to work hard at what they want. Gen Z’s competitiveness doesn't just fuel their drive to succeed but they are very aware of promotions and recognition.

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