KaiBot, the little robot that can

Screen-free coding, hybrid, or just virtual. You choose. 

Small on size,
big on features.

This purposefully designed robot creates a rich and engaging way to teach & learn to code. Its small size defies its big abilities. KaiBot combines unplugged coding with included coding cards or uses KaiBot with Blockly coding that delivers alongside an engaging immersive virtual environment.


Use KaiBot screen-free or pair it with a Chromebook, Mac or PC and have fun in Kainundrum.


KaiBot is equipped with a special downward facing camera sensor that reads the coding cards and tiles.

A deck of cards to teach coding concepts.

These simple screen-free or unplugged coding cards are a great activitiy to teach and introduce the basics of coding to your kids.  Developed by parents with text coding principles and various levels of difficulty to master the essential coding concepts with syntax and examples. 

Digital Cards

Download these FREE Coding Cards, print them out and get the kids to perform the actions represented by the cards.

Physical Cards

Purchase a pack of beginner and advanced cards to use with your kids or use them along with KaiBot.

Code 'n Play in Kainundrum?

Kainundrum involves single-player to frantic multiplayer races. Invite 5 friends and solve the maze, puzzle, hide-and-seek, cubes, or escape room. Each game has lasers, mirrors, gates, oil slicks, or just collect Doge coins, checkpoints. Plus Weekly Challenges! 

Collaborative Chaos

Use your wit and will to solve puzzles, race against the clock and play with your friends.

Customise, Personalise & Strategize

"A robot simulation that's so much fun, you don't realise you are learning to code!"

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