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Whether teaching in a classroom, online, or homeschooling, effective learning is all about engaging students!

Collaborative Coding

Students work together, solve real world problems and watch student engagement go through the roof!

Future Ready

Encompassing AR, VR, MineCraft, Tinkercad and so much more.

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Book a free Zoom demo where you get to code a Kai robot over the internet and then see your code come to life in 3D or AR.

Our team can create a program that’s the right fit for your classroom.

With Kai's Clan you can collaboratively code program with Python code with Blockly program robots over the internet use Minecraft or Tinkercad incorporate the BBC micro:bit use over 30 Internet of Things sensors View remote classrooms in AR or VR code the physical + virtual together

Collaborative Coding
Students work together, solving real world problems, whether within the same classroom or with someone on the other side of the world, using multiplayer Scratch / Blockly like coding
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Use two lines of code to make a self watering garden + so much more.

Kai's Clan supports over 35 internet sensor bits.

BBC Micro:bit plays nice with Kai's Clan too!
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Block or Text Code
Code Kai robots with
Python or Blockly / Scratch-like *
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What educators say

Educators around the world use Kai’s Clan in their classrooms, at home and in hybrid learning enviroments. 

“Being able to see the real world come to life in AR, makes it look like I’m on Mars, or look like I’m in a factory and actually doing something rather than just coding and a robot move …”

Alicia Verweij

Gifted Teacher / 2-6 grade / Mississippi


“They have such an amazing platform that you are able to share and learn with your students …”

Jaime Donally

#ARVRinEDU / Texas


“Kai’s Clan is so much more than just a yellow robot! Collaborate between schools or countries, it’s not just about talking on Zoom, it’s actually about manipulating each other’s world in the virtual …”

Karen Binns

Chairperson RoboCup Junior / ACCE Educator of the Year / Technology Teacher / NSW Australia


“I’ve used many other robotics & coding products but none of them really offered an authentic and engaging learning experience for students. This STEM product has amazing potential for our students”

Simon Williams

Teacher at Raumati Technology Centre New Zealand


As featured in the book “No Fear Coding: Computational Thinking” by Heidi Williams (Author)

Kai works with: Python Blockly+Scratch-like Tinkercad Minecraft Micro:bit Over 35 IoT sensors Artificial Intelligence Augmented & Virtual Reality An entire STEAM tool box!

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In using Kai’s Clan all in-in-one STEAM toolbox in your classroom.

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